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Task: Assign and control Effects on Executors.

This is a look at assigning and controlling effects on the executors.
For this task you need at least one effect in your effect pool. Maybe you could benefit from making the previous effects tasks.
There are three ways of running effects: In the programmer, on Executors & from a Sequence. We are now going to take a look at running it from the Executors. And using a speed master to control the overall rate.
  1. The fastest way to assign an effect to an executor is the Assign key. We are going to assign effect 1 to executor 1. Press Assign Effect 1 At Exec 1 Please.
    This assigns the effect to the executor and you can probably run it by pressing the a Go button and turning up the fader.
  2. Let's check some of the options for this executor.
    1. Press the Assign key and then one of the executor buttons on executor 1.
    2. In the Assign menu (on screen 1 or 2) press where it says "Options".
  3. We are now going to assign the effect to a Speed master. Press where it says "Speed Individual" and in the small pop-up select "Speed Group 1".
  4. Then we need a "Speed Master". This will then control the speed of the effect.
    1. Press the Assign Key followed by an empty executor.
    2. In the Assign Menu press where it says "Function".
    3. Press the X9 key or where it says "Special Master".
    4. Scroll down and select the "Speed 1" option.
    5. Close the Assign Menu.
    You now have a speed master and an effect that uses it.
You now know how to assign en effect to an Effect Executor, and control the rate with a speed master.
The next task look at effects in sequences.
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